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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Har Nof Shul where murders took place had Cell-Phone blocking Device!

Crazy .... Crazy .... Crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read this interview between Kol Berama Radio and Rav Yosef reported in Yeshivah World !
This is scandalous!
This Far- Frumtah Frumkeit is killing people!

Kol Berama:
What about cell signal blocking devices? You know in Kehillas Bnei Torah they have such a device and that is why it took so long to call for help. They had to get outside. All of the phones were blocked inside.

Rav Yosef:
You raise a very important point. First of all, the tzibur must learn to put the phones away in shul! That said, I would say that at least for this period, these devices should be disabled to permit cellular signals, at the very least until the security crisis in the capital is behind us G-d willing.

Satmar Aroinim Destroy Zalonim Shul in Kiryas Yoel!

Der Yid, describing the destruction!

This "Leader" of the Satmar Biryoinim in Kiryas Yoel, is the same one that said that the parents of the 3 kidnapped and murdered Yeshiva boys, were at fault!

This "Leader" of the Satmar Biryoinim , is the same one that said that the 4 murdered Kedoishim in Har Nof were murdered because some guys decided to go up to the Har Habayis!

Now, this  "Leader" ordered the destruction of his rival's Bais Midrash in Kiryas Yoel, called "Tehilas Yoel".
Bulldozers arrived 5:00 AM Friday morning November 14,  and proceeded to totally destroy the Shul!

When people started screaming at the bulldozers, the guy showed the an order from the "Village of KJ"!

We are now learning the Parsha of Eisav, who also wanted to kill his brother....
Can someone tell me the difference between the two?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Responding to the slaughter

by Caraline Glick
What we are seeing in Jerusalem today is not simply Palestinian terrorism. It is Islamic jihad. No one likes to admit it. The television reporters insist that this is the worst possible scenario because there is no way to placate it.

There is no way to reason with it.

So what else is new? 

The horrible truth is that all of the anti-Jewish slaughters perpetrated by our Arab neighbors have been motivated to greater or lesser degrees by Islamic Jew-hatred. The only difference between the past hundred years and now is that today our appeasement-oriented elite is finding it harder to pretend away the obvious fact that we cannot placate our enemies.

No “provocation” by Jews drove two Jerusalem Arabs to pick up meat cleavers and a rifle and slaughter rabbis in worship like sheep and then mutilate their bodies.

No “frustration” with a “lack of progress” in the “peace process,” can motivate people to run over Jewish babies or attempt to assassinate a Jewish civil rights activist.

The reason that these terrorists have decided to kill Jews is that they take offense at the fact that in Israel, Jews are free. They take offense because all their lives they have been taught that Jews should live at their mercy, or die by their sword.

They do so because they believe, as former Jordanian MP Ya’qub Qarash said on Palestinian television last week, that Christians and Muslims should work together to forbid the presence of Jews in “Palestine” and guarantee that “not a single Jew will remain in Jerusalem.”

Our neighbors are taught that Muhammad, the founder of Islam, signed the treaty of Hudaybiyah in 628 as a ploy to buy time during which he would change the balance of power between his army and the Jews of Kuraish. And 10 years later, once his army gained the upper hand, he annihilated the Jews.

Throughout the 130-year history of modern Zionism, Islamic Jew-hatred has been restrained by two forces: the desire of many Arabs to live at peace with their Jewish neighbors; and the ability of Israeli authorities and before them, British authorities, to deter the local Arab Muslims from attacking.

The monopoly on Arab Muslim leadership has always belonged to the intolerant bigots. Support for coexistence has always been the choice of individuals.

Haj Amin el-Husseini’s first act as the founder of the Palestinian Arab identity was to translate The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and serialize them in the local press.

During the Arab jihad of 1936-1939, Husseini’s gangs of murderers killed more Arabs than the British did. He targeted those who sought peaceful coexistence with the Jews.

His successor Yasser Arafat followed his example.

During the 1988-1991 Palestinian uprising, the PLO killed more Palestinians than the IDF did. Like Husseini, Arafat targeted Palestinians who worked with Israel.

Since Israel imprudently embraced Arafat and the PLO in 1993 and permitted them to govern the Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and exert direct influence and coercive power over the Arabs of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority’s governing institutions have used all the tools at their disposal to silence those who support peaceful coexistence with Israel, and indoctrinate the general public in Islamic and racial Jew-hatred.

Much has been made of the recent spike in incitement of violence by Palestinian leaders led by Arafat’s successor Mahmoud Abbas. But the flames Abbas and his comrades are throwing would not cause such conflagrations if they hadn’t already indoctrinated their audience to desire the destruction of the Jews.

You cannot solicit murder among those who haven’t been taught that committing murder is an act of heroism.

Today Israel must take swift, effective action to stop the slaughter. The damage that has been done to the psyches of the Arabs of Jerusalem and their brethren in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, cannot be repaired in a timeline relevant to the task of preventing the next massacre.

This means that for the time being, on the tactical level, Israel’s only play is strengthening its deterrence.

Israel faces two major constraints in meeting this challenge.

First, the European Union and the Obama administration, as well as the US foreign policy elite, are obsessively committed to a policy of empowering the Palestinians against Israel.

The Spanish parliament’s decision to go ahead with its planned vote to recognize the “State of Palestine,” just hours after the massacre at the Bnei Torah Kehillat Yaakov synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood shows that the EU’s dedication to strengthening the Palestinians against Israel is entirely unrelated to events on the ground.

They don’t care who the Palestinians are or what they do. For their own reasons they have made supporting the Palestinians at Israel’s expense their top foreign policy priority.

Similarly, US President Barack Obama couldn’t contain his compulsion to pressure Israel even in his statement condemning the massacre. Even there, Obama called on Israelis and Palestinians equally to restrain themselves.

Obama’s unabated hostility toward Israel was brought to bear on Tuesday afternoon when the State Department restated its rejection of Jewish property rights in Jerusalem and its desire to see the homes of terrorist murderers left intact for the welfare of their terror-supporting families.

On Tuesday, Israel’s social media outlets were filled with angry rebukes of Western media outlets from CNN to MSNBC to CBS, to the BBC. All these networks, and many others, did everything in their power to explain away the synagogue slaughter as just another instance of a cycle of violence. That is, they all sought to frame the discussion in a way that would lead their viewers to the conclusion that the slaughter of praying rabbis was justified.

While appalling, the coverage was not the least surprising. The Western elite media’s devotion to their false narrative of Israeli culpability for all the problems in the region is absolute. Networks would rather wreck their professional reputations than tell the truth.

Together with the EU, the American policy elite and the Obama administration, the media place Israel’s leaders in a bind. Every step they take to defend the country and protect the rights of Jews meets with automatic and libelous condemnation.

The other impediment Israel faces in deterring anti-Jewish violence against its citizenry is its own weakness. Since the inception of the phony peace process, Israel has continuously rewarded the Palestinians for their murderous violence against its citizenry.

From Israel’s transfer of control over all the Palestinian population centers in Judea and Samaria, to its forcible expulsion of its own people from Gaza, to its repeated releases of terrorists from prison, to its continued transfer of hundreds of millions of shekels in tax revenues to the PA, Israel has showed the Palestinians at every turn that far from being punished for murdering Jews, they will be rewarded for doing so.

Given the US and European support for the Palestinians, Israeli declarations that there will be no future releases of terrorists have no credibility. If terrorists aren’t killed on the spot, they can assume that they will eventually be released; if not in exchange for an Israeli hostage, Israel will release them in an attempt to placate the White House.

But even with these constraints on its actions, Israel can take steps to deter its hate-filled enemies from attacking.

Since the current campaign of murder is being carried out by terrorists largely acting on their own accord, the measures Israel adopts to stop the attacks should be directed primarily against individual terrorists. As for action against the PA, it needs to be credible, consistent and directed to where it will hurt Palestinian leaders the most: their wallets.

With regard to the individual terrorists, the government has made much of its intention to destroy the homes of terrorists. While it sounds good, there is limited evidence of the effectiveness of this punitive measure, which is a relic of the British Mandate.

Rather than destroy their homes, Israel should adopt the US anti-narcotics policy of asset seizure.

All assets directly or indirectly tied to terrorists, including their homes and any other structure where they planned their crimes, and all remittances to them, should be seized and transferred to their victims, to do with what they will.

If Israel hands over the homes of the synagogue butchers to the 24 orphans of Rabbi Moshe Twersky, Rabbi Kalman Levine, Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky and Rabbi Avraham Goldberg, not only will justice be served. The children’s inheritance of the homes of their fathers’ killers will send a clear and demoralizing message to other would-be killers.

Not only will their atrocities fail to remove the Jews from Israel. Every terrorist will contribute to the Zionist project by donating his home to the Jewish settlement enterprise.

Just as Israel has repeatedly buckled under US pressure to release terrorists from jail, so it has bowed to US pressure to continue to fund the PA by transferring the tax revenues it collects on goods imported to the PA.

Assuming that the government is too weak to stand up to the Americans, at a minimum it can see that the money is properly used.

To that end, the Knesset should pass a law permitting Israeli terror victims to sue the PA for actual and punitive damages in Israel courts. The sums awarded to the victims should be taken from the tax revenues Israel collects for the PA. The law should apply retroactively to all victims of Palestinian terror carried out since the establishment of the PA in May 1994.

Not only should the law permit Israeli terror victims to sue the PA. It should dictate actions the Justice Ministry must take to assist them in bringing suit.

Israel should also revoke citizenship and residency rights not only from terrorists themselves, but from those who enjoy citizenship and residency rights by dint of their relationship with the terrorists.

Wives who received Israeli residency or citizenship rights though marriage to terrorists should have their rights revoked, as should the children of the terrorists.

Since Tuesday’s massacre, aside from Abbas’s phony condemnation, the Palestinian leadership and public from Fatah to Hamas have been unanimous in their praise for the atrocity.

Today Israel is powerless to influence the hearts of our Arab neighbors. But we can influence their minds. We can deter them from attacking us.

The actions set forth above: asset seizure, revenue seizure and citizenship/residency abrogation for terrorists and their dependents are steps that Israel can take today, despite the hostile international climate.

If the government and Knesset adopt these measures, they will rectify some of the damage Israel has inflicted on itself by showing the Palestinians over two decades that they will be rewarded for their aggression.

If our leaders fail to take these or similar actions, and suffice with complaining about incitement, their condemnations of the murder of Jews will ring as hollow as those sounded by the BBC, Obama and Abbas.

Caroline B. Glick is the author of The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East.

Rabbi Yosef : Anyone With A Gun License Should Carry Firearm On Shabbat

I remember, when the Black Panthers were encouraging violence, the saintly Rav Meir Kahana z"l, said,  "Every Jew, a 22" and advocated Jews carrying a firearm on Shabbos, he got flak from the New York "gedoilim"!
Now that the heats on... its ok!
- Eddie Dreben seen wearing his usual, old fashioned, outdoor clothing and weapons, in the synagogue of his home in Hebron, the West Bank, on April 23, 2014. 

Rabbi David Yosef, one of the four members of Shas’ Council of Torah Sages, said on Thursday that anyone who has a valid gun license is obligated to carry his weapon this Shabbat in light of the heightened security threat experienced in Jerusalem and other parts of the country in recent days and weeks.
He also said that synagogue administrators ensure that there is a charged cell phone available in their synagogue over the Sabbath in case of emergency.
In general, carrying a cell phone and firearm on Shabbat is not permitted according to Jewish law, but Yosef ruled that the possibility that such items could help save lives would override these prohibitions.
The country was shaken this week by the bloody terrorist attack that was carried out in the haredi neighborhood of Har Nof in which four worshippers at the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue were killed by two Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem, along with a police officer who was shot during an exchange of gunfire with the killers. He died Wednesday morning from his wounds.
Yosef is a resident of Har Nof and serves as the neighborhood rabbi there.
“If there is even a one in a hundred chance that by doing a certain action someone might save a person’s life then they are obligated to do so, so that we may live by God’s commandment’s, not die by them,” Yosef said, in reference to a principle of Jewish law, on the Kol Barama haredi radio station on Thursday morning.
“There is a fear that has taken hold of us, we’re all worried and looking left and right, and this is fine, but we must ask if we’re overstepping the mark or not,” he continued.
“In light of the current danger, I think that anyone who has a gun license should carry it [his gun] on Shabbat… There should also be a telephone available in synagogues… If the premises are big then there should be two or three,” Yosef said.

Rav Mendel Fuchs Instructs His Mispallalim to Bring a Cell Phone on Shabbos

Following the barbaric massacre of mispallalim in the Har Nof shul this week, HaRav Mendel Fuchs instructed his kehilla that they should be certain family members do not go outside alone. He also permitted carrying a cellular telephone on Shabbos in one’s pants pocket on Shabbos, not one’s shirt pocket.

Rav Fuchs is mora d’asra of Beis Knesses Nachlas Azriel in The Ramot neighborhood of the capital. He instructed mispallalim to bring a phone in their pockets on Shabbos in the event of an emergency chas v’sholom.

The notice adds “in any case of doubt one should call the emergency police 100 number and one needn’t do so with a shinui”.

Rav Fuchs is a Mo”tz of the Eida Chareidis.

No EX-Mas for Arab Terrorists this year, Israel Intercepts Huge Arsenal of Weapons

A massive amount of fireworks, electric tasers, and knives were intercepted by Israeli Police shortly after arriving from China to the Ashdod Port. The packed container was supposed to be transporting "X-Mas decorations", but as can be seen in the attached video, the amount of knives, fireworks, and answers inside are simply shocking. Police said they found 18,000 fireworks of the restricted 20mm variety, as well as 5,200 knives, 4,300 flashlights that can be modified into improvised Tasers, 5,500 Tasers, and ...
A massive amount of fireworks, electric tasers, and knives were intercepted by Israeli Police shortly after arriving from China to the Ashdod Port. The packed container was supposed to be transporting “X-Mas decorations”, but as can be seen in the attached video, the amount of knives, fireworks, and answers inside are simply shocking. - 

Police said they found 18,000 fireworks of the restricted 20mm variety, as well as 5,200 knives, 4,300 flashlights that can be modified into improvised Tasers, 5,500 Tasers, and 1,000 swords.
The container arrived last Tuesday, and three suspects trove the container to a warehouse in Afula. Upon arriving at the warehouse, police arrested the three individuals, along with the warehouse owner.

The contents were going to be taken to East Jerusalem, and used by Palestinians against Jews.\

In This Struggle, Israel Can Prevail

Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a senior lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University. He served in IDF Military Intelligence for 25 years, specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. Thoroughly familiar with Arab media in real time, he is frequently interviewed on the various news programs in Israel.

Israel can withstand and overcome the current wave of violence, which is just another chapter in the struggle against Arab and Islamist hatred. But to do so, there are concrete steps that Israel should take - now.

The problem:
During these difficult days of increasing terror, the most urgent question is: What can we do in order to cope optimally with the growing terrorist violence in Israel, knowing that behind the scenes there are several players who are expending intense efforts to bring about an explosion.

Leading the pack is Hamas, whose goal is to become the undisputed leader of the Palestinian Arabs at the expense of the Palestinian Authority – and, for good measure, giving Sisi something to remember.
Supporting Hamas is a coalition composed of Qatar and Turkey, with unlimited sources of funds.

The PLO, at the same time, is trying to hold on to first place and cannot allow itself to appear less extreme than Hamas, for fear it will be accused of cooperating with Israel. This is the origin of the two-faced behavior of the PA: on the one hand, it presents a cooperative face to Israel and on the other hand, it stabs Israel in the back, through incitement and education, on the street and in international forums.

Qatar bases its standing in the Arab world and the West by pouring oil on the fire, exactly as it does with Islamic State. Hypocritically, in the usual Qatari fashion, it funds Islamic state while, as part of the Western coalition, it expresses support for those who fight it.
Behind the scenes of the growing terror Israel faces stands Islamic State, the model for successful battles against the enemies of Islam: massacre the enemy, act with extreme violence and use fast vehicles that give the impression of Jihad's sweeping, advancing victory. The murderers who entered the Jerusalem Synagogue did not bring long butcher's cleavers for nothing.

The answer:
First of all, Israel must say emphatically: the Palestinian Authority established on the basis of the Oslo Accords is an enemy entity, an enemy whose goal is establishing an Arab state  in place of Israel, not alongside Israel, but on its ruins. That is the reason the Oslo Accords were violated so blatantly and thoroughly by the other side, resulting in them being declared null and void..

In addition, Israel must cease funding the PA on the basis of economic agreements derived from the Oslo Accords. There is no other country that funds an enemy entity, and there is no reason for Israel to be the only country that acts in such a delusional manner.
The government of Israel must condemn those among us who were instrumental in giving us the "New Middle East", even those who once held posts of high honor.

2. Israel must announce as clearly as possible that Jerusalem is not a subject in any negotiations with anyone. It was never the capital of any entity connected to the Arab or Islamic world and was never ruled by a king, sultan, emir or caliph, so that there is no historical or legal basis for demanding that it be the capital of any state other than Israel.

3. Israel has to remind the entire world that Judea, Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem were areas occupied by Jordan for 19 years, from May 1948 until June 1967. Had the Arab world felt it was just and necessary, it could have established a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital then, without anyone in the world disputing it.  The Arabs  refrained from doing that for the 7000 days in which Jordan had control of the area and therefore have no right to demand from Israel what they did not demand from themselves.

4. Israel must immediately shut down all the PA institutions in Jerusalem and any governmental entity that is not that of the state of Israel. Sovereignty cannot be shared or compromised on, because he who compromises with regard to his sovereignty loses it.

5.The police must issue a restraining order against all Islamic Movement activists, first and foremost to Sheikh Raad Salah and his deputy Sheikh Kamal el Khatib.  After that, the possibility of issuing an order forbidding them to leave Um El Fahem and Kafr Kana should be considered.

6. Israel must immediately shut down all the Hamas TV stations broadcasting in Judea and Samaria.

7 Israel must keep the bodies of all dead terrorists who committed terror attacks. To all events, Israel must forbid their burial in Jerusalem, especially not in the vicinity of the Temple Mount, because burial in that spot is an expression of pride in the shahid and  encourages more terror.

8. Israel must announce that it is building a new neighborhood, a new settlement or at least a new building in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria in memory of every terror victim. Let the terrorists discover that terror makes the Jewish People's connection to its land stronger.

9. Israel must change the way it views Europe. This continent is gradually turning into an Islamist area, and European politicians are becoming more and more dependent on the Muslim voter.They have to take stands dictated to them by the voters in their electoral district, and these brought their visceral hatred of Jews and Israel with them from their countries of origin. I do not see this pattern changing, so that for Israel, relying on Europe is a waste of effort at best and under normal circumstances, like entering hostile territory.

10. Israelis have to internalize the fact that their neighbors do not want them in the Middle East, and that Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon as seen as "settlements" just as Eli, Shilo and Neve Daniel are.  The entire Peace industry is just froth topping the waves of the stormy waters of the Middle East. It succeeded in blinding us to the point where we did not accept the reality of the situation and it managed to neutralize the will of some of us to fight for our land and freedom, but it had no absolutely no effect on our neighbors.

11. Israel must develop a psychological mindset that prepares it for a multi-pronged struggle, because many of the countries in the world are against the existence of the state of Israel and will do anything to weaken its security, economic stability and legitimacy.
Israel must publicly condemn people, such as Martyn Indyk, who acceptfunding from countries like Qatar which uses its money to influence political stands vis a vis Israel.

12. Israel's justice system must internalize the fact that we are struggling for our survival. We cannot relate to enemies of the state as if they are deserving of mercy at the hands of our country's legal system. The legal system was not intended to make the state vulnerable but to base it on law and order so that it can continue to function during difficult times.

13. The people of Israel must trust in G-d and in themselves, they must be prepared to fight for their existence. This struggle is infinitely more important than what the Knesset and the media have been stressing - VAT on purchasing an apartment or any internal political struggle. Ministers and MK's must rise above narrow party considerations and begin to lead the Jewish people in its struggle to keep its land, state and liberty.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Satmar 'Biryoinie" Rebbe, Aron Teitelbaum, continues the Arab Blood libel against the Jews!

Someone better ought tell this guy to SHUT UP! 
At a time like this when Klall Yisroel is mourning our Kedoshim that died "al Kiddush Hashem" a smarkatch, repeats the blood libel of  the murdering Hamas and says that the Arabs who are killing Jews, are killing them because there are a handful of Jews that want to Daven at the Har Habayis!

How sick and demented can one be? How low can this Romanian uncivilized leader of thousands  go? 

What difference is there between his words and the words of Mahmoud Abbas? 
Is there one word different than the words of Hamas?
Who is allowing this guy to speak on behalf of Jews? 
They better put him in a Straight Jacket!

Read this from Israel News and weep!

The Satmar Rebbe eulogized the victims of the massacre in Har Nof Tuesday, pointing the blame not at the Palestinian Arabs who killed them, but at Jews who ascend the Temple Mount (Judaism's holiest site - ed.) as the cause. 

"These days, bad news comes from the holy city of Jerusalem," the Satmar Rebbe stated, as quoted by hareidi website Kikar Hashabbat.

 "Just today we heard terrifying news from Jerusalem of the loss of precious lives." 

Rebbe called to pray and study the Torah in wake of the massacre, ''and to teach the books of our holy Satmar teachers, to memorize the pure view in times like these."

He then pointed an accusatory finger at Jews ascending the Temple Mount.

"Regarding the prohibition of ascending the Temple Mount, which all Jews who fear G-d know demands the punishment of karet [a severe punishment; open to interpretation, could mean premature death or spiritual excision - ed.], it has unfortunately become easy for people to take it lightly because of false beliefs," he stated. "Who knows how many victims were killed by observant Jews going up to the Temple Mount, and who knows what it will cost us, G-d have mercy, as a result of them."

Satmar hassidim believe, based on their interpretation of a Talmudic passage, that the State of Israel should have been established only after the coming of the Messiah.

The more stringent of the Satmar hassidic sect do not visit the Western Wall or Rachel's Tomb because Jews were killed in order to gain control of those sites. 

It should also be noted that the hareidi community at large disapproves of ascending the Temple Mount, the allowance of which in Jewish law constitutes a controversial debate among contemporary Torah sources. 

This, however, is not the first time the Satmar Rebbe has made controversial statements after a tragedy.

In July, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum of Satmar blamed the abduction of murdered teens Naftali Frankel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16), and Eyal Yifrah (19) on the boys' parents for being "settlers" living beyond 1949 Armistice lines and the “evil inclination and the desire for Jews to inhabit the entire State of Israel.”

Several senior Satmar officials later condemned the statements. 

Rav Mordcha Dovid Unger decides to take the path of Peace .... "We will be Bobov-45"

We will give credit where credit is due! 
Reb Mordcha Dovid Unger, Bobover 45 Rebbe, has ruled that he will abide by the USA Bais Din and call his Mosdos, "Bobov 45!"
This was the right thing to do and This is a huge Kiddush Hashem, and we hope this will bring peace amongst the Bobover Camps!
It also gives us hope!

Thousands of Chassidim participated last night, Tuesday, in a monumental gathering organized by Bobov-45, regarding the Borerus that was issued at the end of August, containing numerous clauses against the community.

 Recently, the verdict spawned a storm of controversy concerning its execution, and several Gedolei Yisroel wrote letters condemning the verdict. The Gaon R’ Moshe Sternbuch shlita, Rosh Av Beis Din of Badatz Eidah haChareidis, referred to the verdict as ‘perplexing’. To his scathing letter, Maran HaGaon R’ Chaim Kanievsky shlita added remarks about the importance of peace and that, understandably, this verdict is the antithesis of peace. 

Only Chassidim who had gotten entry tickets beforehand were permitted to attend the gathering, and the three thousand seats filled up quickly. Buses transported Chassidim from all major neighborhoods, and the dais was filled with illustrious members of the Chassidus and with the revered offspring of the Bobover Rebbes zy”a.  

In attendance were many notable grandchildren of the Kedushas Tzion: Rabbi Professor Abraham J. Twersky, Sassover Rabbi Shlomo Freshwatter, and the Sorvosher Ruv Rabbi Burech Duvid Halbershtam , Pokshevitzer ruv, Rabbi Yecvhiel Halberstam among others.

After that, the Gabbai libais Bobov R’ Simcha Pinchos Strohli introduced the event with an explanation of its purpose, the Rebbe of Bobov-45 began his riveting lecture. 

Following is a synopsis of its main points:

“Now that we find ourselves in a situation where there are two paths that we can take, I want to discuss the matter. Rosh Chodesh Elul, shortly after the Borerus regarding ‘Bobov’ was issued, I said that we will hear from the Gedolei Yisroel about the right thing to do, as per da’as Torah

I asked the kehillah not to immerse themselves in this matter.  I wanted Ellul should look like Ellul, with the tzibur immersed in torah and Avodah. We assigned the dedicated askanim who went around to the homes of Gedolei Yisroel and revered Rabbanim to ask their opinion in regards to obeying the verdict.

“Now I want to share with you what the Gedolei Yisroel said. The actual Borerus was incomprehensible to them, and every one of the gedolim used a different turn of phrase – several said that it is biased, others said that it is actually a distortion of halacha, while several used even harsher descriptions. There were even several amongst them who said that it is permitted to go to court to obtain a stop-order.

“One of the most renowned poskim in Eretz Yisroel, HaGaon R’ Mendel Shafran shlita, told me in conversation that “It is permitted to go to court to request a stop-order against the Borerus.” I asked him if I may publicize these words in his name, and he clearly replied that I may definitely do so, and that his words could even be recorded and publicized.

Other Gedolei Yisroel told us to turn to a 3rd party Beis Din, considering that doubts regarding the viability of several Borerim that sat on the Borerus had been revealed, and we received a hazmanah (i.e. summons) from this Beis Din summoning several of the dayanim, as well as an ikul (i.e. stop-order on the borerus verdict).

“Since we have such widespread support against the Borerus, maybe it would be proper not to obey the Borerus that the Borerim issued. 

On the other hand, I fear that by not obeying, we will create a michshol (i.e. stumbling block), and going to court could result in chilul Hashem. Nowadays, when the status of Batei Din in the diaspora is so weak, our disregard of the Borerus could cause the Batei Din to be even more degraded. There will be those who will say that in Bobov, the Borerus was not upheld, which means that one is not required to listen to Beis Din at all. This could chas v’sholom lead to transgressions. People will not realize that in our case, there was a specific heter, and they will allow themselves to follow our lead by going to court. This is extremely undesirable.

“Another  hesitation that I had was that if we don’t obey the Borerus, it will cause the fires of controversy to burn even stronger.”

The Rebbe quoted the mishna that states that ‘it is better to be termed a fool one’s entire life than to be considered a rasha before Hashem for even one hour’. He mentioned an explanation from his grandfather as well as other Torah thoughts.

Thereafter, the Rebbe enumerated the reasons why he should not obey the Borerus: 

a) We have the support of Gedolei Yisroel not to obey the Borerus

b) To uphold the honor of his father-in-law, the Bobover Rav zt”l, whose degradation is painful to all. This is a strong reason not to obey, 

3) The humiliation of our kehillah caused by the verdict, and why should we agree to this, especially after all the anguish that this machlokes caused in so many families throughout the years.

“There are two sides before us – one dictates that we obey and one dictates that we should not obey. 

I plumbed the depths of this matter, together with my brother-in-law, HaGaon HaRav shlita, and we made the decision that we will do what our father-in-law, the Rav zt”l, would have done if he would have been faced with such a situation. 

It is clear as day that my father-in-law and his grandfathers, the Bobover Rebbes zt”l, would certainly have chosen the path that is closest to peace, as we have seen in their conduct throughout the years.
“Therefore, this is our decision – to go in the path that is closest to peace. This is not a degradation; this is the path of our forbearsThis is the Bobover derech. But this only applies if there will be complete peace. I say this to those who are here and to those who are not here. We are taking this step only to attain peace, and only if there will be peace, will the verdict be obeyed…

“We will go with this distinction – 45 – and as I previously said, we do not view this as a degradation and this is not an accompanying title. Rather, it is a random distinction, and we should note that, linguistically, this signifies the path of the Rav zt”l – ‘vanachni mah’ (i.e. a path of humility, signified by the numerical equivalence of the word ‘mah’ which is 45).

In conclusion, the Rebbe spoke about the glory of the kehillah, with its multitude of branches internationally, and its many magnificent mosdos educating approximately 4,500 students.
“We must now proceed with the building of our Beis Medrash, and several millions have already been pledged by philanthropists in our community. We hope that very soon construction will begin.”

The Rebbe mentioned the gruesome tragedy that took place that day in Yerushalayim and blessed that in the merit of following a path of Shalom and making a Kiddush Hashem, our brethren in Israel should be protected from harm.

The Rebbe referenced the words in this week’s parsha

‘And he moved away from there, and he dug another well and they did not fight over it, and he named that place Rechovos, and he said that now Hashem has expanded for us and we have multiplied in the land’. 

The Rebbe concluded his historic remarks with a beracha that we should always merit going in the ways of our forbears.

After the Rebbe’s speech, the massive crowd instantaneously burst into song and dance, led by the Rebbe and all those seated on the dais.

Thereafter, Harav R’ Shlomo Freshwater shlitaAv Beis Din Sossov-London, and a descendant of the Kedushas Zion zy”a, took the floor. He had traveled from London to participate in this historic gathering.
Rav Freshwater described in full detail the greatness of the Rebbe and the community, and the magnitude of the decision that the Rebbe had made despite the fact that he could have easily done otherwise.  He described the strong mesirus nefesth that is inherent in this decision.

That evening, immediately after the gathering, the Rebbe ordered all menahilim and gabbaim to make a Kiddush Hashem and switch the signs, plaques and letterheads as soon as possible to incorporate the distinction.

Neturei Karta Animals Menachem Aval The Family of the Arab that Hung Himself

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health stated that the autopsy on Egged bus driver Yousef Hassan Al-Ramoni showed that he hung himself, and that there were no findings that indicated the involvement of any external agent in the act of hanging, nevertheless, the Palestinians blamed Israel for his death, and used it as an opportunity to riot, and attack Jews.

The fact that Jews were hurt in these riots meant nothing to the Neturei Karta animals. Instead, they chose to pay their respects to the Palestinian family who hung himself. This by the way, encourages Arabs to riot and blame normal deaths on Jews!

This is the family who claimed that “he was lynched”. 

Arab media  called him a “martyr who was murdered by Jews”, and by visiting them, these Jewish beasts are in fact bolstering this ludicrous statement!

It goes without saying that this was done less than 24 hours after the Har Nof Massacre, when two Palestinian terrorists murdered five people in a Har Nof Shul- including the four Kedoshim as well as one Druze hero police officer who risked his life trying to eliminate the terrorists.
Yemach Shmom V'zichrom 

Midrash "Pliah"

Translation for my English Speaking audience,

In reference to the Akidah:
Says the Midrash.... (Hashem told Avraham) "Take your son"
Avraham asks G-D: " I have 2 sons"
Hashem answers him: "Your favorite one"
Avraham answers G-D: "but I have two favorite ones"
Hashem answers him: "Yitzchok"

Says Rav Kahana:
"Look ... at the Jews ...constantly asking questions, If Avraham would have only taken Yishmoel and slaughtered him ...we would have avoided all that grief"

***Disclaimer: The above is a spoof ... but true :)

Chizuk Note from Rav Shteinman

Details of Attack in Har Nof From Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller

Yesterday at about 7am my daughter Miri called. “Mordechai just came home from shul. He said that Arabs came in and are shooting, and that a man with an axe is hitting everyone. Some of the people threw chairs at them, but it didn’t help”. The twelve year old had hit the floor along with everyone else when the bullets began to fly.
He was fully aware of what was going on, and what it meant. He somehow found the courage to let go of his father’s hand, crawl towards the exit and break into a run. Some of you know Miri and her family. She has had some of you over for Shabbos and holidays, and others sleeping in one of her kid’s bedrooms when the crowd at my house gets too big to accommodate sanely.

Mordechai is blonde, freckled, and a soft spoken somewhat introverted and studious boy, much like his father, Shmuli. He is not Huck Finn, and the courage he found at those moments were a gift straight from G-d. By the time he finished telling Miri what happened, sirens from Hatzalah ambulances, police cars, and Magen David could be heard telling her that there were casualties.
“Where’s Shmuli” was the thought that entered her mind again and again as the seconds which felt like hours began to tick. She called me and said, “Say Tehillim. There is shooting in Bnei Torah”. I began to say the ancient prayers, stopped myself and called Rabbi Weidan, and told him what was happening.
I then began the Tehillim again, knocked on my neighbor’s door and told her to do the same. Chani called and told me to look at the news to see what was really happening. Nothing was reported as yet. Of course not. It was only 7:10.
I realized that the whether or not the attack was over, that no one as yet knew whether the murderers escaped. I called again, asking that everything be done to see that no one leaves the campus, and then called Miri. Thank G-d she had the sense to stay indoors and not run to the besieged synagogue. When Mordechai came home, the shooting was still happening.
By 7:20 we both realized that if she didn’t hear from Shmuli, something was very wrong. The police and other services had no information as yet to give to the public, but a family friend who had seen the terror with his own eyes, said that Shmuli had been taken to Haddassah EIn Karem. When Mordechai let go of his hand, he instinctively ran after the child placing himself in the sight of the terrorists.
One of them attacked him with his axe, hitting him on the left side of his head, his back and his arm. Somehow he made it to the door. Josh White, a student of Machon Shlomo was riding down Agassi on his bike. He noticed what he described la ter as “a lot of confusion” in front of Bnei Torah asked someone what was going on, and surprisingly (for Har Nof) the man answered him in Hebrew! In the midst of what to him was gibberish, he picked up the word Aravim (Arabs) and immediately grasped what was happening. He approached the shul and saw Shmuli who was still aware. The Machon student took of his shirt and stopped the bleeding, a move which may have saved Shmuli’s life.
The shooting was still happening inside. It was about 7:15! The emergency crew drew back, but because SHmuli was already outside, they evacuated him thus making him the first of the wounded to be taken to Hadassah, another factor in his survival. Before collapsing, he asked where Mordechai was, and when he was told that the boy ran away from the carnage, he said, “Baruch Hashem”. Inside, the terrorists were continuing their “work”. When they entered they turned to their left, and immediately cut down Rabbi Twerski and Rav Kalman Levine who were st anding in the corner. Reb Kalman was the husband of Chaya, formally Markowitz who was a student and later a madrichah at Neve.
Her husband was not a regular attendee of Bnei Torah. He would generally daven in the earliest possible minyan so he could get in a couple of hours of learning before beginning his day. Yesterday he had a question about something he had learned and had gone after davening to Bnei Torah to put the question to its erudite rav, Rabbi Rubin. The question will now only be resolved in the Heavenly Acadamy. Rev Avraham Goldberg, the third man to be killed is Breina Goldberg’s husband. Many of you know Breina as the warm caring efficient secretary cum mother figure at the front desk in the afternoon.
I don’t as yet know how her husband, or Reb Kupinski the fourth victim met their deaths. The only thing that I know, is that it was brutal and swift. The first policemen to enter were traffic cops who knew what they were facing, and also knew that they were not wearing protective gear. They entered anyway and together with the forces that came afterwards ended the bloodbath. By 7:30 the murderers were apprehended.
Miri, my daughter Guli, and her husband were in Hadassah. Miri’s other kids were watched by relatives and friends for the day. Mordechai was urged to speak about what he saw again and again in order to diminish the damage of the trauma he had undergone. The rest of the family flowed in, saying Tehillim and waiting for updates.
The hospital social worker, Aviva, who is blessed with the rare gift of being empathic without being overbearing, and the women of Ezer Mitzion (a volunteer organization) kept us well supplied with food, calming conversation and practical advice. We were allowed to see Shmuli who was put under anesthesia. We don’t know if he heard us or not, but we were talking to him stressing that Mordechai was fine. In the hours before the surgery was done, we found ourselves with Risa Rotman.
Her husband, Chaim Yechiel ben Malka, was also attacked, and the extent of his wounds are very serious. Some of you may know Risa (who if I am not mistaken also is an OBG) and those of you whose husbands learned in Ohr Sameach or who recall Reb Meir Shuster who he helped unstintingly for years, may know him as Howie. The policeman who entered first, passed away. May Hashem avenge his blood.
Every day in Eretz Yisrael is a gift and a miracle. I have no pretensions of knowing Hashem’s will, but I do know that everything He does is purposeful, and that His compassion that is often hidden from the human eye.
Please please continue saying Tehillim for Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila and the other victims. Daven that Hashem give strength to the five new widows and 24 new orphans. Most of all thank Hashem that we are not Them, and treasure Hashem’s Torah and His Land.
Love always,