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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shlomo Carlebach’s daughter will get rid of his stuff at an auction

Neshama with the Black Baptists Choir (guess which one is Neshama)
Neshama Carlebach will do anything for money even getting rid of her father's guitar and her grandfather's tefillin! 

Just a couple of years ago she noticed that no one from the frum community will listen to her music because of "kol isha" and so with funds rapidly dwindling, she dumped the frummies and joined the Reform community who embraced her in a big celebration...

Neshama's name which means "soul" has gotten to her head; she sings "soul music" with black  gospel choirs in  Christian Churchs', no less ...... 
and she'll sing with chimpanzees, as long as she has an audience!

She came up with a great idea. Instead of dumping the few possessions that Shlomo owned, in the garbage dump ... she will auction them off and donate the proceeds to the family's "foundation!"

Even the Shabbos silver candlesticks that Reb Shlomo's mother, who was poor as a church mouse, who held onto them for dear life, never sold them, carried them across borders, and then gave it to Shlomo's then wife as an engagement gift,   will be auctioned off  (he divorced her) .......
Isn't she embarrassed to sell something so precious ?
 And why isn't she using them?
 Even the non frum, light candles on Friday night .... Is she so cold emotionally that she doesn't feel any attachment to those candlesticks to keep it in the family instead of selling it to some stranger?  

She could have been magnanimous and donated all these items to the Carlebach Shul.... and the shul would have made a small museum in the lobby .... 
"Lets cash in on the stuff that I don't care about!"

Up for auction are a silver kiddush cup engraved to Shlomo (as he preferred to be known) from Me’or Modi’in, Shlomo’s Moshav in Israel (bidding starts at $3,000); a silver spice tower for Havdalah given to him as a wedding gift (also $3,000); his father Rabbi Naftali’s tallis bag, from pre-war Vienna, given to Shlomo as a gift ($1,200); and silver flatware, 14 forks, nine soup spoons ($4,000).
J. Greenstein & Co., the Cedarhurst-based auction house handling the sale, estimates that the more than 30 items could bring in $100,000 or more. Neshama Carlebach, Reb Shlomo’s daughter, tells us the money will primarily go to the family-controlled Shlomo Carlebach Foundation, which has operated only in fits and starts in the 21 years since Reb Shlomo’s death. The latest “fits and starts” have to do with this very auction, originally scheduled for February, now postponed until the Carlebach family and the auction house resolve unspecified differences, though both sides say that they’re committed to the auction taking place.
No matter how poor or desperate Shlomo’s mother was, fleeing from the Nazis, she never sold her Shabbos candlesticks that she carried across borders. Now, those silver candlesticks from Europe, later given to Neshama’s mother by Shlomo’s mother as an engagement gift, is yours for the bidding.
Neshama says, “I happen to feel very whole [at peace] about the decision to sell. The Foundation is more important” than candlesticks, than a challah knife. The candlesticks, like the knife is “probably German,” says the catalogue. “Shabbat Kodesh” (the Holy Sabbath) is engraved on the knife’s  handle. “Reb Shlomo used this knife in both the home he shared with Neila (his wife) as well as in his parents home. Wear and damage from use.” Bidding starts at $1,800.
Did it hurt Neshama to sell the knife that was used to cut challah every Shabbos in the twilight of pre-war Europe, and later used by her father? Wouldn’t she want her sons to someday cut challah with that same knife, with its “wear and damage from use”?
“Anything about my father is always very emotional for me,” says Neshama. “When people pass away there is so much sentiment attached to their things because they are not actually here anymore. But my father is everywhere. He’s alive, more than any object, almost more alive than were he actually alive.”
Up for auction is the scrapbook kept by Shlomo’s mother, all the newspaper clippings and concert posters when he was just starting out in 1959 and into the ’60s. It will go to the highest bidder.
You can bid on Shlomo’s famous vest, says the catalog, the one with the “black and shiny material.”
How many pennies for a memory? On Simchas Torah, when there would never be enough Sifrei Torah (scrolls) for everyone to dance with, Reb Shlomo would hand out the holy books from his library, “Dance with the books!” He would give each particular book to the specific person whom Shlomo felt most needed the blessing contained within those covers. You might find yourself “dancing” with Moshe Chaim Luzzato, the 18th century kabbalist and philosopher.
Soon, at the auction, you could buy Luzatto’s “Yalkut Yediot He’emet” — bidding starts at $1,200. Inside the binding is a stamp from the House of Love and Prayer, Reb Shlomo’s legendary shul, located, says the stamp, at 1456 Ninth Avenue, San Francisco,” in the heart of Haight-Ashbury’s hippie kingdom in the Summer of Love. Surely there’s a story behind Theodore Bikel’s signature and phone number in Luzatto’s book, a story for a Shabbos afternoon in another world.
What are the bids for Reb Shlomo old scratched stand-up piano, the one he played by ear, or rather, the one he played by soul? Rabbi Sam Intrator, Reb Shlomo’s globetrotting manager, told us, “Shlomo couldn’t read music, but he’d close his eyes like he was davening, leaning into the piano as if to hear the music better, and on the spot compose and create — it was hishtapchus hanefesh, an outpouring of the soul.” And yet, he never played piano in public, says Intrator: “He didn’t feel proficient at it.”
You can bid on his silver esrog box, “hand spun filigree in citron shape,” says the catalogue. Greenstein estimates the bidding could reach $6,500. The esrog always meant more to Shlomo than the box. Intrator remembers, “He always held the esrog next to his heart, and brought it back to his heart, when he would do nanu’im,” the shaking of the lulav and esrog in the six directions, “sweeping the world.” His nanu’im could take 45 minutes, what could be five minutes for anyone else. Intrator remembers, “He was so engaged, so intense in what he was doing, nothing else existed; he was in another world.” Of the “four species” used on Sukkos – the willow, palm, myrtle and citron (esrog) – the esrog is symbolically associated with the heart. On his last Hoshana Rabbah, before his fatal heart attack, Shlomo lost his esrog, and was almost crying, “The esrog is your heart, I need my esrog.”
Intrator recalls visiting Majdanek with Reb Shlomo and the chevra, when  Reb Shlomo said, “Chevra, sometimes a second can be an eternity.” It was his key for saying Yizkor, as well: no schlepping, no kitsch. “When there’s an opening between worlds,” he’d say, you can’t waste time, “it’s one-two-three.” The more you believe in the Other World, he’d say, the less time is needed for Yizkor, a second can be eternity.
Intrator says, “We had a long trip ahead of us.” So, after touring the death camp, “We were back on the bus, all except Shlomo. I found him in the room with the thousands of shoes. He was wearing his long black raincoat,” bidding starts at $800. “He was shaking, davening — he was ‘somewhere else.’ He had his microcassette recorder and was recording all these new niggunim that were coming to him. The next day, says Intrator, the microcassette recorder got lost; “Those songs weren’t meant to be heard.”
On a long ago Friday night, Reb Shlomo joined several of his chevra for a Shabbos meal in a dimly lit Upper West Side apartment. No one, including Shlomo, had any money but “all we need is wine and challah,” he said. "The main thing is to be together." We splurged on seltzer, turkey slices, paper plates, and plastic forks and spoons.
Reb Shlomo was overheard saying to one of the chevra, “… Your three rebbes are Reb Nachman, the Sefas Emes and the Ishbitzer.”
“And you, Shlomo.”
Reb Shlomo, who never put on airs, said quietly, “No, I’m your best friend.”
After the meal we threw the plastic forks and spoons into a garbage bag. Who knew?
Then Reb Shlomo spoke of Torah, and lesser things, until the wee small hours.

Ben & Jerry's Coming Out With Pareve Ice Cream!!

The Rebbelich are very excited about this new product; they will now be able to offer Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream at the friday night tish...

But Chassidim are not so happy, they are worried that the new Ben & Jerry "Chunky Monkey" will be so delicious that the Rebbe will eat it all up and leave no "shrayim!" 

Others have suggested that there is no way a Rebbe will eat an ice cream with the flavor named after a "monkey" .......a non kosher 'chayeh" ..... 
This reason has been shot down by a a chusid telling me "dee behimeh, de  Rebbe can always  eat the "Chocolate Fudge Brownie" .....

A Satmar friend of mine remarked that no matter how great Ben & Jerry Ice Cream is, it's not "nogia" to the Satmar Community, since Ben & Jerry are strong supporters of Israel and are selling their ice cream in the "shetachim" !!  
Nu nu!

Litvacks and the big brim yeshivishe guys  won't touch the stuff because it's not "yoson" it's still new!

Only time will tell!

Ben and Jerry’s is coming out with four pareve ice creams, the Vermont company announced on Wednesday.

Actually they called it vegan not pareve.
And the ice creams are technically called “frozen dessert” because ice cream needs to be dairy to be called ice cream. Dairy generally means it has to have a certain amount of milk fat.
The four flavors are made from almond milk.
So when will it come out?
Four to six weeks.
Among religious Jews the appeal is for Shabbos and Yom Tov desserts and among the Cholov Yisroel crowd – it is super welcome news.
“We’ve definitely had a large demand from our consumers to have a non-dairy offering,” says B&J spokesperson Lindsay Bumps.
Two of the new pareve flavors are non-dairy versions of existing Ben & Jerry’s classics — Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
The other two are P.B. & Cookies and Coffee Caramel Fudge.
All four will be available to purchase as pints.
The blessing recited is shehakol. The question is, “Do we recite a shehecheyanu?”

Satmar IDF Soldier speaks to Reporters in honor of Satmar Rebbe Visit

Satmar Rebbe's grand child Chaim Meisels is the only Satmar grandchild, to give something back to the Jewish people "lishmah"...
So in honor of the visit of R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe, it's only right that we hear what he has to say....
notice he speaks the Holy Language Ivrit pretty well ....speaks it better than English 
Kol Hakovod R' Chaim ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

An Open Letter to the Un's Kock im- Uhn

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon,
No one missed the double entendre of your recent New York Times article titled, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel,” which had the chutzpah to both accuse Israel of being hot-headed and insinuate an itchy trigger finger. And yet, amidst this thinly-veiled smear, you went on to suggest that you had offered Israel an important “message” — that we should rush to seal a two-state deal — as if we had never heard of this before, or anyone in the region still thought it was a useful idea.
No one in Israel is going to shoot you for your trite and obsolete “message,” but we must shoot down the fallacious and hypocritical assertions of your article. Please allow me to elaborate:
First: Repeating the word “occupation” many times may sway the ignorant, but it is nothing but an outrageous lie. Israel is not in occupation in the West Bank at all. The West Bank — or what we call Judea — is the heart of our ancestral homeland. This was affirmed by the League of Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations, which recognized the historic rights of Jews in Judea. Indeed, because this is our beloved native land, many Jews (400,000 at last count) chose to build their homes and their lives here.
Yet Jews are under attack in Judea, which is why we have deployed our army. If no one ran at Jews brandishing a knife, or mowed down Jews with automatic weapons while they sat in traffic, there would be no need for an army presence, and the “feel” of occupation would disappear. It’s just that simple. Stop threatening the life and limb of Jews, and you’ll stop feeling occupied. Keep denying the Jewish right to live in our ancestral lands and keep savagely attacking us, and it will keep feeling like there is a mighty Jewish army on your neck.
Mr. Ban Ki-moon, it is you who are keeping the Palestinians under an “occupation” of lies, because you keep telling them that Jews don’t belong in Judea, and thereby spread the false hope that one day Jews won’t be there. But that is simply not the case. Israel will always be in Judea because, whether you understand it or not, it is at the heart of our identity. Now it is up to local Palestinians to decide: do they want to listen to you and live in denial and strife forever, or accept the truth, and live in peace?
Second: The idea that jihadism against Israel is the natural result of the “oppression” of the Palestinians is nothing but a false pretext, a masquerade, a ruse. Jihadism is a supremacist form of Islamic ideology that is sweeping the Middle East. It was trying to destroy Israel way before Israel was in the West Bank. Jihad seeks to destroy Yazidis, Copts and — especially — moderate Arabs who don’t share the same rigid world view. The many wars and thousands of attacks against Israel stem from jihadism ,which rejects the reality of a Jewish Israel in a Muslim Middle East — or anyone else in a Muslim Middle East, for that matter.
Luckily for the jihadists, they have you to give international credence and political cover to the notion that: “No one can deny that the everyday reality of occupation provokes anger and despair, which are major drivers of violence and extremism.” Is it the Israeli occupation that drives the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, and ISIS in Syria and Iraq? Is it the Israeli occupation that brings about jihadist attacks in Europe? Of course not. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, your assertions to the contrary insult the intelligence of a world that is now feeling the brunt of global jihad.
Third: Your concern for the Palestinian Authority and its imminent collapse is heartwarming and admirable — especially if you are a member of that organization which idolizes murderers, engages in routine torture of its own citizens, is known to be corrupt to the core, and has defrauded the international community out of hundreds of millions of dollars. The PA has offered nothing but lies and murder to Jews — but it is so much worse to its own Arab citizens. Many Arabs I know in Hebron and eastern Jerusalem are praying to Allah the He take the PA off of them and their children. These Arabs want a decent life, the way it was before the dreaded Oslo Accords, which put them at the mercy of your exalted Palestinian Authority. Many Arabs curse you and your “human rights,” which empower the worst terrorists to suppress them and brainwash their children to jihadism. Truth is, most Palestinians are tired of the “harsh, humiliating and endless occupation” — of the Palestinian Authority!
Mr. Ban Ki-moon, living under the repressive PA is like living in an authoritarian mind-numbing North Korea — while right next door, in Israel, land of rights, progress, and possibilities, Jews and Arabs live in the region’s South Korea. Yet you, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, who hail from South Korea, are a proponent of a North Korean-like terror regime for Arabs and you ask that “Israeli authorities…. unequivocally support the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian institutions.” Nothing like the UN to fix problems.
Fourth: It’s going to be hard to hear this but… the Oslo Accord’s land-for-peace, two states living side by side, is dead — and it was from the get-go. Offering one’s beloved homeland for peace comes off as spineless and wimpy, and has not earned us the respect of our Middle Eastern neighbors. The two-state idea was based on the premise that Jews would happily forego their own historical heritage and forget Hebron, Bethel and the Temple Mount, in exchange for the promise to be allowed to live. But the problem is that if there ever was a historically conscious people, it’s the Jews. We were never, and are never, going to stop remembering, yearning and fighting for our homeland, which is inextricably intertwined with our very Jewishness.
So now, two-state has flatlined, and only fuddy-duddies like yourself, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, continue to obsess over reviving it. While you peddle it as the ONLY solution, there are many other workable ideas for a better future.  It is time that one-trick ponies like yourself exit the scene and leave the indigenous peoples to handle it themselves.
Fifth: While, as explained, we are not engaging in “occupation,” you and your organization, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, are engaging in preoccupation. While the quarter-million Syrians who have been killed in the last five years dwarf the number of Israelis and Palestinians killed in all of our conflicts, you are writing letters about Israel in the New York Times. While an estimated 200,000 prisoners are incarcerated in prison camps in North Korea, you abandon your own region to make speech after speech about ours.
And though your job title would imply that you have a right to stick your nose into everyone’s business, it would be nice if you had any success whatsoever to back up your arrogance. Here, in the Middle East, Arabs and Jews — except those who are employed by your bloated organization — think that the UN is an abysmal failure. Your schools here teach jihad that sends teenagers to die; in your camps you keep Palestinians in perpetual refugee status; and you deny Jewish history with your culture-usurping UNESCO, which decided that the ancient Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem should really be called the Bilal bin Rabah mosque.
In short, thank you for publicizing your “message.” In return, we have a message for you: we find your agendized diatribe to be obsessive, ignorant and outdated. Don’t be surprised if Palestinians keep praying for the Palestinian Authority to collapse, and we Jews just keep on “occupying” our own home. It is we, people of this region, who will resist your message and your formula for endless war.

Park East Synagogue Will Host the UN Anti-Semite "Kock im' Uhn" This Shabbos

The Holy Makom Kadosh, the Park East Synagogue, will host one of the biggest anti-Semites in our generation, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon! 

This must be the brain of the "rabbi" Arthur Schneier, a bully that must have it his way or the highway!

And just like in the Holocaust, when the Jews were forced to serenade the Nazis before their death, Arthur Schneier will have Chazzon Helfgot serenade the Nazi of our generation, in an Orthodox Shul, no less, on the Holy Shabbos! 

To add insult to injury the "invite" reads, that "Holocaust Survivors" will participate in this charade!

I'm sure they will give this Jew Hater the podium to spew his vitriol in front of the Aron Kodesh that houses Sifrei Torah!
Woe to those who will witness this Chillul Hashem!  

19-Year-Old Israel Border Police Officer Murdered by Terrorists in Jerusalem Attack

A terror attack at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate Wednesday claimed the life of a 19-year-old Border Police officer.
Hadar Cohen from Or Yehuda succumbed to wounds inflicted on her during the shooting and stabbing attack after efforts to save her life at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus failed.
After the terrorist shot her shortly after 2 p.m., Cohen was rushed to hospital in critical condition and paramedics who treated her at the scene said she was fighting for her life.
Hospital officials said she was shot in the head. “We succeeded in stabilizing her condition for a time, but her head wound was so severe she never had a chance,” a hospital spokeswoman said.
Another policewomen was injured and in serious but stable condition at the hospital. She had wounds all over her body, including her head, the spokeswoman said.
The three attackers, all between 20-21 years old, identified by the Palestinian news agency Ma’an as Ahmed Abou Al-Roub, Mohammed Kameel and Mohammed Nassar, all from the northern West Bank, were armed with apparently locally fabricated “Carl Gustav” rifles, knives and two pipe bombs, police said. Police initially suspected a third item found at the scene was a bomb, but later determined it to simply be an abandoned bag.
According to the Shin Bet, the terrorists had no prior involvement in terror activities.
A third victim, identified only as a 20-year-old Israeli, was very lightly wounded and treated at the scene.
Cohen had only been drafted into the Border Police two months prior to her untimely death, and was still in training as she patrolled the area outside Damascus Gate on Wednesday.
Cohen is survived by her parents, a brother and a sister.
Cohen spotted the terrorists behaving suspiciously as part of her three-member squad and asked to see their identification papers. As one attacker took out his ID card to show it to the officers, the others started shooting and stabbing the officers. After police killed the attackers they found pipe bombs on their person.
“As far as we can tell from the armaments, [the terrorists] planned a larger, more sophisticated attack,” Jerusalem Deputy Police Chief Avshalom Peled said. “This is an escalation from what we’ve seen thus far. The police officers prevented a combined and much larger attack.”
Israeli medicals carrying wounded Israeli policewomen, next to Damascus gate of the old city of Jerusalem, 03 February 2016. EPA
Magen David Adom rescue service director Eli Bin said that Cohen had been stabbed in the neck multiple times and had lost a lot of blood.
“When we arrived at the scene we saw two young women, approximately 20 years old, lying on the ground with puncture wounds to the upper body. One was unconscious, the other was still conscious but dazed,” MDA paramedic Nissan Hefetz said.
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat visited the scene shortly after the attack.
“I had a chance to speak to our brave warriors, who were not afraid to engage” the terrorists, he said at the scene.
“This was a real battle. In this battle, the police and Border Police officers of Jerusalem prevented a much larger disaster. Their readiness allowed them to [quickly] engage [the attackers] and save lives. The public in Jerusalem must keep their eyes open, and not hesitate to engage [attackers]. That readiness will prevent attacks.”
In a statement Wednesday, Hamas congratulated the “unique and heroic operation,” describing it as a “blow to the security system of the occupation.”

Failed Messiah Closes Blog

Rumors are flying around the Frum community, into what prompted Failed Messiah owner Shmarya Rosenberg to write a final post and say that he is closing his infamous blog down.
Strong speculation is that the noted philanthropist and leading Baal Tzedakah in Klal Yisroel, R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz had a hand in the deal.

Who Knows?

Shmarye Rosenberg Failed Messiah

Here is Rosenberg's Explanation:
I had a much longer post I was moments away from publishing when my computer crashed and I lost it, so I'll make this do-over post more concise.
I've been working on a deal that would allow me to work on anti-poverty issues and today, after about a year of trying, that deal came to fruition. That means I'll be leaving, the website I founded almost 12 years ago.
So let me thank all of you who read, commented and debated here, those of you who agreed with me and even those of you who did not, and those of you who sent me stories, tips and pashkvils.
I'd like to encourage all of you to work to stop child sex abuse and to work to stop those who enable it or cover it up. I'd also like to encourage you to do what you can to bring some light to the haredi world which is, sadly, still shrouded in some intense darkness. No kid should go to 13 years of school and leave without a valid high school diploma, proficiency in the language of the country, and extensive knowledge of math, science, history and civics, even if their religious community's elders claim it is their religious right to deprive them of this much-needed education. Please continue to fight for those kids.
I'd also like to ask you work to equalize and humanize the US Sentencing Guidelines. With very few exceptions, nonviolent criminals should not be incarcerated for decades. Prison should not primarily be a place of punishment. Instead, it should be a place where combined with loss of freedom, inmates also get good regular mental health care and are trained in skills (or given education) that can earn them gainful employment on release. In the long run, it is far cheaper for society to work help inmates than it is to punish them. It is also far better for society because the recidivism rate for inmates who are well treated rather than abandoned and abused is lower. That means fewer victims and fewer losses for all of us.
Similarly, just as the seller of crack cocaine should not be treated more harshly than the seller of powder cocaine, poor criminals should not be treated more harshly than rich criminals. Criminals who are true sociopaths should be treated as such, but the justice and penal systems should not through their dysfunction take average criminals and push them right to the edge of sociopathy. Sadly, as it now stands, both often do so.
The Jewish community should, I believe, work for these reforms, not just for its own criminals like Agriprocessors’ Sholom Rubashkin, but for all of America’s criminals, save the most dangerous and evil. Arguably, it was Rubashkin supporters’ refusal to be, for want of a better term, ecumenical during their battle to get Rubashkin – who I believe was guilty as sin – a lighter sentence that drove many good people away from them.
Since I’ve mentioned him, Rubashkin presided over abuse of poor undocumented workers and of animals, crimes I would argue are far greater than the financial fraud charges he was convicted of.
I believe the federal government should have prosecuted Rubashkin for these crimes after it won conviction on 86 counts of financial fraud. It did not do so in part because trials cost lots of money and eat up lots of time, and the return for doing so was, in the government’s eyes, too minimal.
As the US Sentencing Guidelines are now constructed, all that abuse and mistreatment might have added a only a few months, maybe a year or two, to Rubashkin’s 27-year sentence. So why spend the money and the time?
In fact, the government only charged and considered prosecuting the immigration crimes linked to Rubashkin. The abuse of those undocumented workers and the abuse of the animals were issues that really were not on the government’s radar.
So when Rubashkin wanted those immigration charges severed from the financial fraud charges and tried separately, the government agreed. And then it prosecuted the financial charges because they were the most serious and carried the larges penalties. And when it won conviction of all 86 of them, it declined to prosecute Rubashkin on anything else. After all, why waste the money and the time?
The answer, of course, is that human life and animal lives matter, perhaps not equally or in exactly the same ways, but both matter far more than dollars. Yet the government’s decision taught the opposite lesson.
So Rubashkin sits in prison, serving a much-too-long 27-year sentence (25 years for the fraud charges – exactly at the middle of draconian the US Sentencing Guidelines – and 2 years for perjury). The lesson taught is don’t steal from rich people and banks, and through association don’t employ undocumented workers because you could get caught and punished for something worse.
The lesson really should have been different: do not exploit poor workers, do not abuse animals (in the name of religion or otherwise), care about all life and protect it. But it wasn’t. It was a national teaching moment lost.
Lastly, I’d like to say a word about the current religious freedom situation in Israel and the general tenor of the government.
Let me start by saying that, agree with his politics or not, Menachem Begin was generally a mentch, a surprising down to earth person who truly cared about people. I don’t think that same statement can honestly be made about Benjamin Netanyahu and it certainly cannot be made about many of the other political leaders in the coalition government, including its haredim. As a person who spent close to three decades as a person of the right, one of the things that drove me away – perhaps the thing that most drove me away – is that lack of mentchlikeit.
My criticism comes out of that and from the clear empirical evidence that Israel is no longer led by a a government or by leaders who cherish truth. I saw this first when Yitzhak Shamir led Israel in the 1980s, but I brushed it off. My ideology – or, I should say, Chabad’s theology and Rabbi Meir Kahane’s ideology – were more important. I could look the other way while Shamir parsed and lied if those untruths protected Israel. But I was wrong to do so then and I refuse to make the same mistake today.
For Israel to truly thrive, it needs to separate religion and state. There should not be a state-funded chief rabbinate or a mandate that citizens marry and divorce through any officially sanctioned religious outlet. If a couple wants a religious marriage ceremony, let them hire whatever clergy is meaningful to them. If a Jew wants to marry a non-Jew, it should not be the job of a state apparatus to stop the couple from marrying. If a couple wants a totally secular ceremony, let a justice of the piece do the honors. Schools that teach Israel’s core curriculum should be funded by the state. Schools which refuse to do so should not.
Religion should ply its wares through good example and honest reasoning, not through state-supported coercion and deceit.
Netanyahu is willing to inflict coercive religion on Israelis in exchange for power, just as he is willing to abandon haredi children to substandard schools as long as their parents vote for parties which support him. Indeed, he’s even willing to allow most haredim to avoid the draft in perpetuity as long as those haredi votes stay with him. Secular Israelis disproportionately bear the burden of Israel’s defense and its economy while Netanyahu laughs all the way to the prime minister’s office, and this must stop. Perhaps one day soon it will. We can only hope.
I don’t approach this as a Reform Jew or as a Conservative Jew or as a Reconstructionist or Renewal Jew. I approach this now as a proud secular Jew, as a post-religions Jew who has far greater affinity for Baruch Spinoza or Theodore Herzl than for any rabbi or religious leader.
I want to thank the people at Diversified Holdings for their professionalism during these last months. They’ve promised to guard your confidentiality as I did, at least with regard to whatever you posted before this. (I hope they’ll post some type of privacy policy in the next day or two so you’ll know what they intend to do from here on out. Diversified’s people should begin regular posting soon, as well, probably by early Thursday.)
As for me, I’ll keep you posted on my anti-poverty work and other issues I’m working on or interested in if you follow me on Twitter ( and on Facebook (
And with that, I thank you all again. This blog and its people have become like a second family to me. I will miss it and miss you all more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monsey Meshiginer wants to force Supermarkets to have "Men Only Hours"

Guys ..... Monsey is going down the drain faster than water...
A crazed lunatic posted in "Monsey Shuls" suggesting Monsey Supermarkets have "Separate Shopping Hours"

The meshiginer that posted, calls himself
"slmw" helping_our_community"

Hey "slmw" helping_our_community" can help "our community" by checking into the nearest "funny farm" 

The Taliban at work .... right here in Rockland County! 

Revealing My Abuse by Ruth Krevsky

Ruth Krevsky, a courageous survivor of child sexual abuse, goes public at a JCW awareness event in Montreal Canada.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Gestetner's Rogue Monsey Bais Din enables Meir "Bugeyed" Kin to keep his wife an Agunah

"bugeyed" Kin 

It seems that Kin has enough money to buy off Gestetner to get him to issue him  a demented letter saying in effect, that Bugeye Kin doesn't have to give his wife Lonna a get and that the Monsey Oilim should "disregard Lonna's Agunah Status"

Bugeye has a knack  to find women to marry him, his latest is a lady from some south American country that he must have found in a rain forest because she had no clue that Bugeye Kin marries women and then refuses to divorce them. 

If you asked this piece of vermin what his motive is .... he would answer "well, I gave her a get, it's sitting in the Monsey Crooked Bais Din Kedushas Levi"
But what this snake doesn't tell you, is that his wife, Lonna, must pay approx 350,000.00 to pick up the get! 
Get it? You have a get but fork over over a quarter of a million dollars.. ......

Gestettner's Bais Din "Shar Hamishpot" is a front to antagonize Agunas  ...and I must admit they do a great job!

The Bais Din where the get is sitting is named after the Holy Bardetchiver the Kedushas Levi ...  
Can you imagine? 
I wonder what the Barditchver z"l would say about that ... he must be rolling in his grave ...and upset that the cruel sadist, Kin, is blackmailing a Bas Yisroel, in a "Bais Din" named after him!

So guys if you have a beef with your wife, go to Gestettner in Monsey and he will give you a heter to marry some creature in a jungle in South America, without giving your wife a get, and if she really wants a divorce you can blackmail her to the tune of 350,000.00 with Gestettner's blessing!
Mi Keamcha Yisroel!

Homeless Jew viciously murdered in Manhattan homeless shelter remembered as brilliant, generous

An ex-teacher whose fight with mental illness landed him in a Manhattan homeless shelter where he was fiendishly murdered was remembered Sunday as a brilliant man with a generous heart.
Days after Deven Black, 62, was nearly beheaded in a grisly shelter slaying, family and friends recalled the life of a man betrayed by a brain once envied by his colleagues.
“When I say that my father was smart, I’m referring to his wisdom and intelligence, but also the staggering, broad knowledge that filled his brain,” said Jonas Black, his only son. “My father was a curious man who never stopped learning.”
Jonas told more than 200 mourners at Congregation Sons of Israel in Nyack that his family is donating his father’s brain for mental health research.
NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiROBERT SABO/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Family and friends mourn at Deven Black’s funeral as his casket makes its way out of the temple Sunday, January 31, 2016 at Congregation Sons of Israel of Nyack.

“Deven was a brilliant, courageous, kind and humble man; now, his life is over,” Jonas Black said. “Now, it is our responsibility to take that knowledge and use it to help. There is a stigma attached to mental illness, a shame and fear that prevents those who are sick from getting the help they need.”
Black was nearly decapitated in the Thursday night attack inside the privately run Boulevard Homeless Shelter in East Harlem. It was only Black’s third night at the shelter.
Cops were still hunting for his shelter roommate, Anthony White, 21, who sources said stayed in the room with the body after the killing.

Black earned a master’s degree in education at Fordham University and a master’s in library science at Queens College.FACEBOOK

Black earned a master’s degree in education at Fordham University and a master’s in library science at Queens College.

Just two years ago, Deven Black was still married to, Jill Rovitzsky Black, his wife of three decades and holding down his job of 10 years as a respected teacher and librarian in the Bronx.

Front page of the New York Daily News for January 29, 2016, concerns homeless former teacher Deven Black, who was beheaded by Anthony White at the Boulevard Homeless Shelter.NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Front page of the New York Daily News for January 29, 2016, concerns homeless former teacher Deven Black, who was beheaded by Anthony White at the Boulevard Homeless Shelter.

Black, originally from the Upper West Side, held jobs as a bartender, restaurant critic and advertising copywriter — earned a master’s degree in education at Fordham University and a master’s in library science at Queens College.

Black was apparently afflicted with behavioral variant fronto-temporal degeneration, a rare form of the brain disease, according to Rovitzky Black.
NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiROBERT SABO/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Black was murdered by his roommate at the Boulevard Homeless Shelter in East Harlem, according to cops.

There is no cure for the progressive form of dementia, and Black’s wife believes the personality-altering ailment contributed to his downfall.
Jonas also recalled that his father was passionate about music.
“You may not have been aware of his love for gangsta’ rap,” Jonas said to laughter from the crowd.
“One time we were listening to the radio in the car when an old N.W.A. song came on. You can imagine my surprise when he turned up the volume, grinned ear-to-ear and rapped along to every single word.”

Zionist Customs Officers Question Satmar Rebbe at airport about the 5 million Dollars in his suitcase!

R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe, leader of the anti-Jewish "Zalonim" was questioned at Ben Gurion Airport at customs for a half hour. 

The unusual questioning of a known leader was prompted by his massive amount of cash he brought in to the country!
R' Zalman Leib came to the State of Israel because of the bris of his grandson and brought 5 million dollars to distribute to all Torah Mosdos that refuse to take money from the government.

The issue is, that  part of that money will be distributed to people that promise not to vote in the Zionist Elections... and that may be a crime.
In the USA it is certainly a crime to impede any way in free elections .... 
If you want to tell people not to vote is one thing, but to pay someone not to vote is a crime in every country in the entire world!

So the shrewd Zali must  have  told the "Zionist fools" that the money is only for the Mosdos ...
I think the next time he pulls these shenanigans, the Zionist will smarten up and put cuffs on him! 

Question #1: Who laundered all that money?

Question #2: Didn't the Satmar Rebbe, R' Yoel say in 1956 that there wouldn't be any more Mosdos Ha'Torah in Israel in 20 years?
So if there isn't any Mosdos, to whom is he bringing all that money?

Question#3: Did the "Big Talmud Chuchim," the Satmar Rebbe get a chance on the plane to read the third Rashi of this week's Parsha that says that anyone that takes another Jew to secular court is basically  worshiping Idols?
Did have a chance to glance at the Rambam (Laws of Sanhedrin 26,7) that states unequivocally in reference to secular court,  "And it is as though he cursed and blasphemed [G-D] and lifted his hand against the laws of Moses?" 
I guess he didn't have the time he was busy nibbling the nuts....

Question # 4: Why did this guy get a motorcade to the airport?
Can someone explain? 
What is this business acting like a "king" in Chutz Le'aretz?

השפלה בנתב"ג: רז"ל מסאטמר עוכב במכס ותושאל על כספים

האדמו"ר רז"ל מסאטמר נחת בישראל לביקור בזק שיימשך קצת יותר מיממה - ועוכב במכס לכחצי שעה • מחר בערב יחלק את תמיכת 'שקל הטהור' למוסדות החינוך והישיבות שאינם לוקחים תקציבים מהשלטון הציוני
יוסף גרינבוים

כ"ב שבט התשע"ו / 01.02.2016 18:36
סאטמר, רז"ל
הציונים השפילו את האויב מסאטמר:  הערב (שני) נחת בנמל התעופה על שם דוד בן גוריון האדמו"ר רז"ל מסאטמר – לביקור בזק שיימשך קצת יותר מיממה.
על פי דיווחים מנמל התעופה, האדמו"ר ופמלייתו עוכבו במשך כחצי שעה במכס והאדמו"ר תושאל על כספים.
על פי הדיווח, לאחר התשאול האדמו"ר שוחרר לדרכו. "שאלו אותו שאלות כמו ששואלים אנשים רבים אחרים שעוברים במכס", אומר גורם בפמליית האדמו"ר.
האדמו"ר, שהגיע לישראל לרגל ברית המילה של נכדו, שיתקיים מחר בבוקר בירושלים, יערוך מחר בערב מעמד מיוחד של חלוקת תמיכת 'שקל הטהור' למוסדות החינוך והישיבות שאינם לוקחים תקציבים מהשלטון הציוני ולא מצביעים בבחירות לכנסת.
הערב צפוי הרבי להשתתף בשמחת הוואכטנאכט לנכדו, לקראת ברית המילה שתתקיים מחר.
אתמול פרסם העיתונאי אסף גולן מאמר באתר nrg, בו קרא להכריז על האדמו"ר כעל אישיות בלתי רצויה בישראל – ולגרשו מהארץ.
"האנטי-ישראליות הקיצונית הזו של גורם חשוב כל כך בציבור היהודי בארצות הברית, אינה משהו שמדינת ישראל יכולה לעבור עליו לסדר היום. לא יכול להיות – מבחינת ההסברה בעולם – שבנמל התעופה בן-גוריון, שער הכניסה למדינת ישראל, ינחת אחד מאויביה הגדולים של ישראל".
אסף המשיך: "לא ייתכן שהרשויות בארץ יאפשרו לו להמשיך בביקורו ללא חקירה, ללא מעצר וללא גירוש מהארץ אחרי הכרזה עליו כאישיות בלתי רצויה.
"את פרופ' נעם חומסקי, יהודי שהוא אחד ממבקריה הגדולים ביותר של ישראל ואף תומך באויבינו, מדינת ישראל אינה מוכנה לקבל. וחומסקי הוא אדם פרטי, שלא מוביל עדת חסידים ענקית ומגלגל סכומי כסף אדירים.
"אז נכון, יהודים הם רחמנים בני רחמנים. ברור שאם חסידות סאטמר תיקלע פעם לצרה מדינת ישראל כולה תתגייס לעזרתה. אלא שיש הבדל בין לעזור לאח בצרה ובין לאפשר את כניסת מי שמנהל מסע מתמיד כנגד ישראל".
אסף מונה את העוונות של חסידות סאטמר: "האדמו"ר שילם בשעתו 100 אלף שקלים לכל ישיבה שתלמידיה לא יצביעו בבחירות; הוא מנע מהקהילה היהודית בתימן לעלות לארץ והעדיף שתישאר שם, בסכנה, או שתבוא לארצות הברית. 110 מבני הקהילה היהודית בתימן השתכנעו ועקרו לארה"ב במקום לארץ.
"לאור זאת ראוי גם ראוי לגרש את האיש לארצות הברית. ראוי גם שכל מי שההיסטוריה והעתיד של העם היהודי חשוב לו, בין מימין ובין משמאל, יצא נגד הביקור ויפגין נגד האויב הגדול הזה של מדינת ישראל, שמגיע לארץ ומשתמש נגדנו בחסידיו שיושבים כאן".