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Friday, December 15, 2017

Rav Shteinman z"l interesting stuff!

Rav Shteinman z"l entertaining his new wife

Rav Shteinman z'l lighting his menorah ....... Satmar Rebbe lighting his menorah 

See Rav Shteinman's kitchen ............... See Kitchen of Satmar Rebbe

Now see  funeral of a man who wanted only 10 people at his levayeh!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Satmar & Auerbach Terrorists Continue to Disgrace the Memory of Harav Shteinman z"l

The Posters cursing Rav Shteinman z"l appear in Satmar Shul's bulletin board

Some Satmar savage donated kokosh cake celebrating Rav Shteinman's death
it reads in part that 
"Rav Shteinman followed in the ways of of Kook YM"S"
using the term "YM"S" a term used for Hitler !

Auerbach Newspaper cursing and celebrating the death of Rav Shteinman z"l

Auerbach savages destroying the notices of Rav Shteinman's petirah

These are Auerbach Terrorists that defaced the signs!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ex-Ramapo Supervisor St. Lawrence "The one who gave Monsey Over to developers" Sentenced To 2.5 Years In Prison

Someone on another blog put it right:
"You know who the TRUE REAL victims are - the Yidden living in the frum areas of Rockland county. Chris St. Lawrence, with blessing of the Rabbonim, destroyed our way of life. We came out here to get away from the city and all its problems, and now because of all the apartment houses he approved $$$, it now takes 25 minutes to get through Monsey. Not even talking about the shmutz and garbage.This stadium is not why he should sit in jail - for what he did to us, he should sit 20 years
Former Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence's fight to avoid jail time came to an end when he was sentenced to two and half years in prison and a fined $75,000 for fraud involving the financing of a baseball stadium.
Federal judge Cathy Siebel handed down the sentence Wednesday afternoon at the federal courthouse in White Plains.
St. Lawrence who showed no emotion, was also sentenced to three years of supervised release.
“For years, Christopher St. Lawrence, as Ramapo Town Supervisor, misled municipal bond investors about the state of Ramapo’s finances," Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim said. "At a trial earlier this year, the jury quickly saw through his years lies, and today, he was sentenced to time in federal prison.
"The integrity of the $3.7 trillion municipal bond market must be protected, and prosecutions like this one should put on all on notice that misleading investors in that market through fraud and deception will lead to prosecution and jail.”
Rockland County Executive Ed Day said that while some might think the sentence was too tough, that the finding of the legal system should be respected.
"As an elected official, I seek to honor the trust that the public has placed in me in every decision that I make. I never lose sight of the fact that the money spent by government at every level belongs to the taxpayers," said Day. "I cannot imagine an elected official doing anything less. When an elected official is convicted of fraud involving funds that belong to the taxpayer, there must be consequences.
St. Lawrence was convicted of 20 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy on May 19 following a four-week trial in federal court in White Plains. His conviction was a first for securities fraud in connection with municipal bonds.
The case centered on St. Lawrence's rigging of the town's financial books in order to receive lower rates on bonds to finance a $58 million baseball stadium in Pomona, a housing complex on Elm Street, and other town projects through the Ramapo Local Development Corp.
The jury returned guilty verdicts on 12 wire fraud counts and eight counts of securities fraud. The 65-year-old St. Lawrence, who lives in Wesley Hills, was acquitted of one count of securities fraud and one count of wire fraud.
St. Lawrence's attorney, Michael Burke had asked Seibel to sentence St. Lawrence to probation while U.S. probation officials recommended 2 1/2 years in prison.

watch Rav Shteinman z"l say that Yeshivois must accept everyone!

Watch where he says that those Roshei Yeshivois that don't take in kids that don't "fit" in are all Baalei Gavveh!
Hat tip: Not a Rebbe

"Dummy" looses $4M defamation case against Trump

A New York appeals court Tuesday tossed out a Republican consultant’s attempt to revive her $4 million defamation case against President Donald Trump, accusing him of hurting her career after he called her a “real dummy” on Twitter.
Cheryl Jacobus filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Trump after her appearance on CNN last year in February where she criticized the campaign for lack of transparency.
The appearance prompted Trump to attack Jacobus on social media, calling her a “real dummy” who “begged” for a job with his campaign.
In another tweet, Trump said Jacobus “went hostile” after not getting a job with his campaign, adding “Major lose, zero credibility!”
The consultant claims then-candidate Trump’s comments cost her TV appearances and inspired a bullying campaign from his supporters.
A lower court in Manhattan dismissed the suit in January, saying that although Trump’s “intemperate tweets are clearly intended to belittle and demean plaintiff,” they would not prevent her from continuing her job as a political consultant. The court also found that Trump’s statements were opinion, not fact.

Satmar Guy in Kiryas Yoel Donated Coffee in Celebration of Rav Shteinman's Death!

The coward didn't write his name .

The poster below was hung in the Satmar London Bais Midrash!

The three animals dancing during Rav Shteinman Funeral have been identified as Auerbach followers!

Satmar supports US-Based Imam who Prays that ‘Allah Destroy the Zionists’

Both  Satmar Rabbis, brothers who hate each other, united like a pack of rats to attack Israel on the night celebrating the salvation of R' Yoilish Teitelbaum, founder of the Satmar dynasty!
What they didn't mention was that R' Yoilish was saved by none other than a Zionist  ...
The Satmar brothers ranted and blabbered and cursed Israel just like the Texas Imam.
Satmar just like the Arabs pray three times a day that G-d  destroy the State of Israel!(G-D forbid)!

On Thursday, a Texas-based imam called for Israel’s destruction in a recorded prayer posted to his Facebook page.
While Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh did not mention President Trump’s proclamation recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and starting the process of moving the US embassy there, the imam’s call seems to be a clear reaction to it.
The Investigative Project on Terrorism translated Elsabagh’s Arabic chanting.
“Our Lord. Help holy Palestine,” Elsabagh said. “… Oh Allah, be with your oppressed worshippers in Palestine, Oh Allah, destroy the Zionists and their allies, and those who assist them, and those who allowed them into the abodes of the Muslims. By Your Power, Oh mighty one, Oh Mighty one, through Your Power and Might, Oh Allah deflect them with what You will, and however You will, for You are omnipotent, and with a response omnipotent.”
“Oh Allah save [Al Aqsa] from the hands of the accursed violators, whom you have cursed in every Book, and cursed them through every prophet,” he said in conclusion. “Oh Allah destroy them.”
Elsabagh is listed as the head of the ISF Islamic Institute in Garland, Texas, and is featured as a koran reader on many Internet sites.
The video drew several comments of “amen, amen,” according to a Facebook translation. One came from Said Abbasy, a New York-based Muslim Brotherhood supporter. Abbasy mourned the death of “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman — considered the spiritual guide for the 1993 World Trade Center bombers.
“Oh God,” Abbasy wrote on Facebook, “take vengeance on those who wronged him.”

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Meah Shearim Savages Dancing on the News of R' Shteinman's Petirah

Auerbach Posters in Yerushlayim celebrating the passing of Rav Shteinman, mocking, and cursing him, calling him a "Rasha,"Ameileik"and "Sonei Yisrael"

Senator Orin Hatch's Chanukah Song!

Photos of the funeral a "simple" Yet GREAT MAN who wanted only 10 people at his Levayeh and No Eulogies!

"אהרן יהודא ליב שטיינמן זצ"ל"

 בגימטריה "      כ"ד כסלו תשע"ח"

Simple Will left by Rav Shteinman z"l Video

Rav Shteinman z"l wrote a will and its fascinating in its simplicity..

He didn't leave buildings, real estate .....nope..
He left a simple will that included:

A. I would very much like that they shall not be maspid me, not in front of the mittah, and even not in at mittah, not to make a atzeres chizuk or hesped, or any sort of name that these may have.
B. Not to write any article about me in the newspapers, daily, weekly or monthly. It is enough to use my picture and not like others who write about their good deeds.
C. Not to print signs about the levayah and do not announce on loudspeakers or radio. It is enough that there will only be ten people at the levayah.
D. To try not to take time between the petirah and the kevurah and to hasten as much as possible.
E. My place in the cemetery is amongst simple people.
F. Not to write on the kever any adjectives other than ‘Here is buried Rav Aharon Yehudah Leib son of Rav Noach Zvi Steinman.’
G. The matzeivah should be the cheapest and simplest, not to waste money for buying a chelkah in the cemetery that costs dearly. If you want to spend money, give to tzedakah but without buying a chelkah.
H. When the custom is to go to the kever, at the end of the shivahsheloshim and on the yahrtzeit, not to waste too much time doing it; it would be better to learn throughout the day and to refrain from talk about trivial things.
If searching to find a place to daven for the amud will cause a lot of bittul Torah it is better to learn for the sake of Heaven at this time.
I. I will ask that anyone who wants my good (in fact it will be also for their good) to learn every day one perek of Mishnayos until the end of the 12-month period. Girls can recite pirkei Tehillim every day, including Shabbos and Yom Tov.
J. I ask not to be called a tzaddik or a yerei Shamayim, [and] that I shall not be despised by this in the Olam Ha’emes.
K. I will ask for forgiveness from all those whose dignity I have harmed, as well as those to whom I owe money, and in reality I will not be charged – that can be collected according to Halachah – [that they] should forgive the charges.
All my descendants shall not follow the mittah, as per the minhag of Yerushalayim.
(Latest addition) Since many are wrong about me, I, from my side, am advising not to call children in my name but I do not forbid it.

And now for the zinger!!!!!!!!!!!
Rav Shteinman will be buried next to his wife, Rebbetzin Tamar Steinman, a”h.

Oy yah yoi!!!!!

א. אבקש מאד לא להספידני לא בפני שלא בפני לא לעשות עצרת התעוררות או עצרת אבל או כל מיני שמות שבודים והכוונה להספד

ב. לא לכתוב שום מאמר עלי בעיתונים יומיים שבועיים חודשיים מספיק תמונתי ולא כמו שרגילים לכתוב תולדותם

ג. לא להדפיס מודעות על הלויה לא להודיע ברמקול או רדיו מספיק  

שיהיה רק עשרה אנשים בלויה

ד   להשתדל שלא לשהות בין מיטה לקבורה לזרז שיהיה קבורה הכי סמוך למיטה

ה. מקומי בבית החיים בין אנשים פשוטים

ו. לא לכתוב על המצבה שום תארים רק 'פה נקבר רב אהרון  יהודא לייב

 בן רב נח צבי שטיינמן'

ז   המצבה תהיה הכי זולה ופשוטה לא לבזבז כסף עבור קניית מקום בבית הקברות שעולה ביוקר אבל אם רוצים לתת צדקה שיתנו בלי קניית מקום 

ח. בימים  שהמנהג ללכת על הקבר ככלות השבעה ושלושים ויהרצאייהט מכל מקום לא יבזבזו יותר מידי זמן מיוחד עבור זה יותר כדאי שיתחלפו במשך המעת לעת ללמוד כסדר ומלדבר על דברים בטלים  
אם על ידי החיפוש למצוא מקום להתפלל לפני העמוד יגרום הרבה ביטול תורה יותר כדאי ללמוד לשם שמים בזמן הזה

ט. אבקש שכל מי שרוצה בטובתי (זה בשבילנו למעשה) ילמוד כל יום פרק אחד משניות עד גמר יב חודש והבנות יאמרו כל יום עשרה פרקי תהילים גם בשבת ויום טוב

י. אבקש שלא להזכירני בשם צדיק או ירא שמים שלא אתבזה על ידי זה בעולם האמת

יב. אבקש בזה מחילה מכל מי שפגעתי בכבודו וכן מי שאני חייב לו כסף וידוע שבמציאות לא יגבה היינו שיוכל לגבות על פי דין אבקש למחול לי

כל יוצאי חלצי לא ילכו אחרי המיטה כמנהג ירושלים 

(התוספת האחרונה)
היות שהרבה טועים בי לכן הנני מצידי אני מייעץ לא לקרוא ילדים על שמי אבל איני אוסר את זה 

זה הצאווה המלאה. 
מה שבסוגרים זה תוספת של הרב משיקובסקי

"Merkaz" Monsey Sefarim Store Hires Convicted Rapist

Convicted Mikeveh Rapist Dascalowitz Works at Monsey’s Merkaz Seforim Next to Rockland Kosher Supermarket

In middle of 2016 I warned people that Meir Dascalowitz had finished his five year prison sentence for anally raping a 13-year-old-boy. I wrote:
In seven years of blogging about sex abuse I have learned about many offenders. Dasclaowitz stands out as one of the most unstoppable, repeat sex offenders I have ever encountered. I do not believe he can stop himself even if he tries.
Over the years his usual approach was to anally rape boys ranging from ages ten to late teens usually at a mikveh (ritual bath). Sometimes he met them in the mikveh. I heard of one case where he approached a boy on the sidwalk and asked him to watch his wallet while he was in the mikveh. He then raped the boy. That fast and that simple!
As I also reported at the time, he is a level 3 on the sex registry, which means he is considered to be the highest level of risk of offending again.
Anti-abuse activist Asher Lovy reports that he is now working at Monsey’s Merkaz Seforim next door to Rockland Kosher Supermarket. That gives him access to many boys. Whether or not he does anything there, it gives him an opportunity to appear like a trustworthy member of the frum community and he can then use it to get the trust of boys  so when he sees them in other places he can lure them and rape them.
I urge any of you with influence on Merkaz Seforim to remove him from that job and only assist him in getting work where he has absolutely no contact with any child.  If they refuse I urge folks to consider a organizing a boycott of Merkaz Seforim until they cease this dangerous practice.

Rabbi Shteinman passes away at age 104

Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, one of the most widely respected decisors of Jewish law in the haredi community, passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 104.

Officials at the Maayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak noted earlier Tuesday morning a significant deterioration in the rabbi's condition.

The rabbi underwent CPR this morning by the medical staff which apparently managed to restore his pulse.
Prof. Ravid, who had been treating the rabbi, made it clear that his condition was critical, and that medically, "there is nothing more to be done."

Shortly after the hospital released the statement, Rabbi Shteinman passed away.

At the beginning of last month, Rabbi Shteinman, 104, was hospitalized for a week, at the end of which he was released to his home under the supervision of his personal physician.

Rabbi Shteinman was considered the leader of the Lithuanian haredi Jewry since the death of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv.

He was head of the Council of Torah Sages of the Degel Hatorah representing Lithuanian haredi Jewish community.
Rabbi Shteinman studied in Lithuanian yeshivot between the two world wars. In his early twenties he was first appointed as a teacher, and in the 80-some years since then he taught Torah, in yeshivot in Switzerland and in Israel.

His public involvement began in the 1960s, when he focused mainly on encouraging the opening of kollel studies in Israel. He served as an adviser and mentor on education in the Lithuanian community. With the establishment of the Degel Hatorah Council of Torah Sages in the late 1980s, he joined the Council, and since then his public influence has expanded.

Since the death of Rabbi Shach in 2001, he stood alongside Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv as a leader of the Lithuanian public.

After the death of Rabbi Elyashiv, Rabbi Shteinman led the Lithuanian community and was considered the supreme spiritual authority of the Degel Hatorah party, its newspaper Yated Neeman, as well as the Lithuanian educational institutions and yeshivot connected to the party.

Rabbi Shteinman initiated the establishment of yeshivot and kollelim in Israel and abroad, and served as president and patron of some of them. He headed the Ponevezh kollel, and the yeshivot Gaon Yaakov and Orchot Torah. Until the beginning of the 21st century he also served as head of the Ponevezh yeshiva for youth.

Rabbi Shteinman wrote about thirty books, including a series of books on the Babylonian Talmud and the Torah.